Sagittarius fire sign horoscope

Like fire itself, they can flare up when inspired, making them seem very passionate about life. They like to live large and often feel frustrated by mundane chores and duties. Fire signs are known to be intuitive and to rely on gut instincts.

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Going on faith in their inner guidance gets them far, but they tend to skip crucial steps or be unaware of the emotional impact of their actions. Another grouping in astrology is known as the qualities: cardinal , fixed , and mutable. Each element has a sign with one of the qualities.

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Among fire signs, Aries is cardinal, Leo is fixed, and Sagittarius is mutable. Fire's greatest gift is being able to inspire, which appeals to water's desire for meaning. A generous fire person shows water how to be in the moment, even if they're carrying lots of psychological baggage.

Water takes fire on an emotional journey that helps them see how they're related to others. At its worst and most out of balance, fire can zap water by being totally overwhelming, and water smothers fire when it offers only insular, claustrophobic intimacy. Sometimes fire has lots of visionary ideas that earth can help put into tangible form. This can make pragmatic earth feel needed and appreciated, not to mention that fire's enthusiasm is contagious.

If earth becomes too slow and plodding for fire, this match could get snagged in frustration.

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Through earth's eyes, fire may seem unrealistic and unwilling to do the legwork to make things happen. When fire and air get together, there can be a lot of inspired thinking.

Fire helps air find focus when scattered and adds optimism to any plans. Air can articulate the big picture for the impulse-driven fire, while the latter keeps things from being all talk and no action. These two keep each other in stitches, open the doors of perception, and find new ways to astonish the other. When fire meets fire, life can be an exuberant adventure. It's a vital match, with mutual inspiration and encouragement.

The challenge comes when fiery temperaments turn into struggles for dominance. You can't help but shout your feelings from the rooftops. You're unafraid of being on stage, baring your soul for all the world to see. While others might repress their emotions and feel tepid about what excites them, fire signs can't stand the thought of living a life without passion.

If I had to pick only one phrase to associate with fire signs, it would be "carpe diem" because fire signs know from deep inside their bones that life is meant to be lived.

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To learn more about the people under this passionate, creative, and energetic element, here's everything you need to know about fire signs:. Aries jumpstarts the entire zodiac cycle and that alone should say a lot about this cardinal zodiac sign. Think of Aries as a fireball of energy pushing everything forward. Ruled by Mars — planet of combat and aggression — this zodiac sign is not screwing around when it has its eyes on something.

If you were born with Aries placements, you're someone who goes with your gut, lets nothing stand in the way of what you desire, and rarely ever second-guesses yourself. Only one zodiac sign is ruled by the sun and it just so happens to be Leo. Is there any celestial body that attracts more attention than the sun?

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Leo is just as glamorous and noticeable. Leo has no problem having all eyes on them because this fixed fire sign flaunts their creative energy for all the world to see.

Of all the fire signs, Leo tends to have the most romantic and artistic perspective on life. They cling to their ideals and radiate their values wherever they go.

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If you were born with Leo placements, you're the star of your very own show. Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign and their passion for life often changes shape and adapts to new forms.