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In addition it is completed with nuclear, biological, chemical protection system and night vision equipment. This gun actually has the ability to move before its shell hits the target. Here is a picture of the gun. Soon this new artillery piece will be released for export. There will probably be a few different versions for exports. Aside from that, an Estate has been prepared for her majesty's trip. We will welcome her. People are starving in the countryside because the lack of food! Mothers need to prostitute themselves to get money to buy food and toys for their children.

This has to stop now! We have taken great steps for our people in the name of socialism since the revolution, but it hasn't been enough!

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We are now pouring rubels into our new welfare system for the sake of our people. Rubels for everyone! It seems like the entire people are willing to help out defending our nation.


Children, women, elderly, everyone is willing to help. If they can't use a weapon they are helping out in maintaince or logistics. We will fight on the beaches, we will fight in the cities, we will fight in forests, we will fight in the mountains, we will defend every inch! The nation is to be prepared for a full scale war. Everey able man, women and child are to imideatly registrate at nearest government office.

The nation of Suverina have been threatend by foreign imperialists and if they dare to come, we'll put up with a fight! The people are frightened and concerned about the whole situation, but they still prepare for war, arming themselves. All the The government count on having They will fight in the name of our leader, the glory of our nation and the grace of God. Just remeber logistics, and the fact you have to supply each fighing person with weapons, which is expensive, Plus you have to buy ammunition, and uniforms, and the like. It's fair enough having a large military, although, most of them will be armed with sticks and stones if you press them into battle in a hurry, and in extreamly high numbers.

They would be plausible if they were some kind of a last ditch defence force Like what the germans did towards the end of WWII. But even so, your economy would be in a pretty large mess afterwards. Take into account the effectiveness of that many Kalashnikov wielding civilians against a force with full training and modern weapons ignore that if you are going somewhere with this.

Depending on what you want to do with them and I think I have an idea you may still want to tone it down a shade. We hope that Ide Jiman and Akiiryan forces in Dacvi are not the intended subjects of plans regarding this movement. They also disregard the fact you country probably has neither the guns or the bullets to arm all you them, unless of course you're thinking sharpened sticks.

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Remember, we haven't distributed all weapons yet, people can bring own firearms, I will not feed militias. The war between Iraq and Iran, they used young boys to sacrifice themselves to blow up mines o the army. Usin a shovel digging, carrying ammo, or blwoing themselves up. Usually when it comes to war there are manpower lacking, not arms.

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It's not a campaign on foreign soil, I can't send my whole population off! They will be defending things as cities and important locations close to themselves. From your allies, Akiiryu. If they come we hope you won't support them.

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Where has Akiiryu threatened S. Oh, and i can accept a human shield defense. Akiiryu, however would consider such a mobilisation of the population as highly immoral and indictative of a questionable government. The SPA has at no point issued any threat of invasion to your sovereign nation, and were any military operations taken against Akiiryan forces, we would be forced to act.

We understand that you may feel threatened by the recent increase in the SPA peacekeeping force in Dacvi, however our Akiiryan allies assure us that even the increased peacekeeping presence is struggling to handle the peacekeeping tasks, let alone pose a serious offensive threat to your nation.

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Besides that, what possible reason would the alliance have to attack a CIS member? But IF they decide to attack, they will know that we are prepared! Don't count I'll send out all that people against anyone.. Akiiryu's navy has mobalized, for a trip to Ide Jima, if i am correct. That is in no way a form of aggression to you. Another thing, Akiiryu's navy is completly cut off from Suvernia.

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So again, how can the mobalization of a fleet which has no direct means of getting to Suvernia, be a threat, or an invasion plan. Fair enough, if Aki's fleet was heading down next to your nation, and turned it into the small see which yeah nation is located in, but I highly dout it. Must we remind the Suvernian government that about Adapton troops still reside in Suvernia, for the protection of military bases within yuor nation. Our troops within them bases are feeling, not the best of moral, having such a large force around them.

If need be, our troops inside Suvernia will begin a defensive gesture, and will begin to fortify such positons if threat is felt present. Do not take this is a threat, we have no imperialist plans for your nation. But we would like the reasurance that our troops within your nation will be safe, now can you garantee that?

The two should be best kept apart, but if you are talking about something IC that I've missed, then nevermind. Given the newly instated peace in the Dacvi region, it would indeed be a shame to see the region descend into war due to paranoia on behalf of your government. We can tell you that the mobilisation of the RAN's southern fleet comes as part of a completely unrelated issue, and that there is no need for your government to embark on such schemes.

First, the great is-to-be Queen Eva I will soon be coronated. All head of states in Europa will ofcourse be invited to Chisnau when it happens. Second, Suverina plans to join an alliance, Suverina is at the moment negotiating with a great alliance that wishes Suverina to enter, Suverina has got great relations with all members.

Third, Suverina has finished a new artillery piece. Mobile warfare is hampered by immobile artillery support, so a full-scale conventional warfare scenario requires self-propelled artillery pieces such as the Suverinian KL This is a self-propelled mm howitzer.

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It has been in service for a month, and can only be found in the army of Suverina. It can fire an 8-inch diameter, It can also fire a variety of other projectiles if necessary. It also has a shovel-like attachment which digs into the ground to stabilize the platform against the prodigious force of recoil from its massive gun. It should be noted that this gun provides no protection whatsoever for its crew, and that this sort of self-propelled gun is actually the exception rather than the rule. Most self-propelled guns have an enclosed crew cab for protection as well as greater ammo storage.

Might need to add that it generates a lower profile and more mobility to have ammunition in a seperate carriage.

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If any army has interest of adopting our piece, just contact us. Suverina has finished a new artillery piece Computer Mediated Communication and Online Comments As the central topic of this article is online discourse, the author will refer mostly to the theoretical framework defined for the study of computer mediated communication, followed by a brief overview of computational linguistics and co- occurrence analysis to ground our methodological approach.

There are two main types of computer mediated communication, as defined in the context of scientific literature on both human computer interaction and com- puter supported cooperative work Dix et al. The main focus of this article is the most common type of asynchronous many- to-many computer mediated communication - comments published in threaded conversations attached to news articles, blog posts or Facebook posts.

The thread structure first appeared in Bulletin Board Systems, followed by Web forums and discussion groups, eventually becoming the most frequent feedback mechanism for blogging, media sharing and online social network systems. The characteristics of this structure and its evolution to contemporary social media are described in Meza Most blogs or online publications are usually created using Web content man- agement systems such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or Typo3.