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Illustration by Amanda Lanzone. Welcome to Aquarius season, Gemini—this is a wonderful time for travel and exploration for you; you're feeling inspired to embark on a journey and explore new ideas. However, February 1 finds the vibe intense as hell—literally, as Pluto, the lord of the underworld, squares off with Mars, and tempers flare. Watch out for arguments! Whatever it is, the stakes are high, the energy is heated, and change is coming.

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Something is likely to get chopped—an intimate relationship, a friendship, a dream. But a new day is coming: February 2 finds sweet Venus connecting with electric Uranus, bringing fantastic, inspiring, and unexpected meetings your way. Lines of communication are wide open as your ruling planet Mercury mingles with generous Jupiter on February 3.

Gemini Astrology February Horoscope

Plus, Venus enters Capricorn on February 3, encouraging deep, intimate connection in your relationships—as well as sending a dash of luck your way when it comes to dealing with serious money matters like debts, taxes, and even inheritances. On February 4, the new moon in Aquarius invites you on a new journey.

Exciting travel may be taking place soon, or perhaps you will pick up a new subject of study. Exciting conversations continue to take place on February 7, when Mercury connects with Mars and February 9, when Mercury connects with Uranus some unexpected meetings arrive, too. Your ruling planet Mercury enters Pisces on February 10, activating the sector of your chart that rules your career, sparking plenty of conversation about your life in public.

Unexpected drama, but an exciting new beginning, also comes on February 13 when Mars meets with Uranus—watch for what happens in the groups, clubs, and associations you belong to. On February 14, Mars enters Taurus, winding down your energy—you may find yourself on autopilot, but if you notice yourself checking out often, make sure to get more rest, or at least try to partake in more restful activities, even if getting sleep is difficult. A creative atmosphere takes place on February 17, as Venus connects with Neptune, and your independent streak shines brightly as the sun connects with Uranus on February When was the last time you went to a party alone?

It will be one tumultuous affair. Consider yourself warned! The February 8 zodiac people are humanitarian in nature. They use their many positive attributes to reach out to humanity.

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Such is your nature! Your introspective nature enables you to think deeply about the welfare of your environment. You have a genuine interest in your society. As such, you consider it whenever you are making critical decisions. You approach life from a visionary angle. People have come to depend on you to provide solutions to their challenges. Of course, you never let them down! You provide answers that are original, people-friendly, and effective. However, you need to be wary of certain flaws that are evident in your personality.

Keep them in check, lest their taint your good reputation. For example, you are averse to exposing your emotions. You feel that this is a sign of weakness. The truth is that doing this exposes you to emotional and nervous deficiencies. You need to learn to release your emotions.

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A pent-up feeling is a recipe for trouble. Also, avoid being too cautious. Do not hesitate when an opportunity comes by. Understand that some opportunities knock only once. Learn to take reasonable risks. Without a doubt, your charm is hypnotic. You perform extremely well with people. You enthrall them with your ideas.

You belong to the 2nd decan of Aquarius. In this category are those born between February 1 and February 9. The planet Mercury rules over the 2nd decan of Aquarius. As such, you receive qualities like dependability, generosity, and friendliness. You exhibit the key positive qualities of Aquarius. People born on February 8 are visionaries. You show a sense of urgency when it comes to ideas meant to transform humankind. However, you often do not pursue your dream to its logical conclusion. True to people born on February 8, too many ideas seem to be popping up with unexpected frequency.

This denies you the opportunity to deal with one idea before you move on to the next. All the same, people value you because of your sense of responsibility, enterprise, dedication, and a high degree of creativity. You perform very well in positions that deal with creativity. Also, you have a passion for humanitarian causes. You are good at pooling people around your ideas and visions. This means that you can make a good leader.

Being a visionary, you are a good planner. You can be a most welcome addition to serious planning teams. This is your forte!

Nonetheless, you need to improve your concentration spans. Achieving this will give you an outstanding work experience.

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Purple is the magical color of people born on February 8. This is the color of nobility, passion, and uniqueness.

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  • These qualities reflect your personality. Use them to attract people to what needs to be done for the sake of humanity. Read on!

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    What are the Traits of a Person Born on February 8? To make bigger strides, focus on becoming a more effective person. Famous People who Share the February 8 Birthday You share the February 8 zodiac birthday with a number of famous people. These include: Vettius Valens, born — Greek astrologer, mathematician, and astronomer Proclus, born — Greek philosopher and mathematician Mary Steenburgen, born — American singer, actress, and producer Kathryn Newton, born — American actress Sarlote Lenmane, born — Latvian singer and songwriter Common Characteristics of People Born on February 8 You belong to the 2nd decan of Aquarius.

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