March 3 horoscope astrology

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Do your best to keep personal and work matters separate. There can be some crankiness to deal with today, mostly related to rushing or impatience to handle needs and desires. There is a tendency for people to make more of an issue than is warranted, and exaggeration leads to mistakes or frustrations. It can be challenging to get everyone to cooperate or go along with your plans, but the second part of the day shapes up well for centering yourself, getting comfortable, and enjoying pleasures—aim to take it easy before busier days to come.

Even so, this can be a time for discovering alternative ways of making your life a little more comfortable and content, even if this means temporarily moving out of your comfort zone to secure something more long-term! With the Moon in your sign today and tomorrow, you tend to command positive attention, dear Aquarius.

Your increased desire for independence and forward motion can feel a bit at odds with your recent drive for more comfort and predictability, but if you pace yourself, you may find ways to attend to both needs satisfyingly. Keep in mind that with a New Moon coming on the 6th, the next few days, in a general sense, are better for tying up loose ends than for brand new endeavors. The Moon spends the day in your privacy sector today and tomorrow, signaling a need for downtime, dear Pisces, but it can be tough to relax in the first half of today.

Besides, the overthinking may well be a wild goose chase. Try to put aside tension over personal viewpoints, paperwork, or errands.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces—Horoscopes and How to Deal |

While your spirit for discovery is active and will continue to motivate you for many weeks, you may also need some time alone to sort out all of your feelings and experiences. Above are astrological event highlights for the day. Full Horoscopes are at Cafe Astrology. The purple marker above shows where we are in the current moon phase cycle. This is generally a good time for social pursuits, group projects, trying something new, joining a group, and networking.

A change of pace refreshes. Hobbies, clubs, and groups may demand attention now. It is time to build networks and cooperate. Humanitarian pursuits are highlighted.

The moon is in Aquarius today.

Self-indulgence is more likely now. We may be acting in a haughty manner. We can gain strength through others or through our relationships, and we are especially comfortable in one-on-one situations. We can be feeling pleasantly attached to, or supported by, our loved ones or family. We are seeking out security, nurturing, and warmth, and we are more likely to express these things towards others.

We can overreact and exhibit impatience. However, this can also be a time of self-motivation. Our need for challenges and action is stimulated now, but we may not find the right outlets. What feels right clashes with logic today. Hurt feelings may be opportunities for healing. Now is the time for building bridges, not burning them. There can be disdain for routine now, or circumstances are such that our lives are too chaotic or scattered to be able to focus on our goals. Humanitarian, innovative, group conscious, progressive, serving others.

Can be rebellious, eccentric, aloof, emotionally superficial, overly extroverted. Compassionate, sensitive, self-sacrificing, gentle, intuitive. Can be escapist, impractical, hyper- sensitive, gullible. Changes feel overwhelming. Enthusiasm may be low, we argue less, and we think more than we take action.

March Zodiac Sign

Note that the Moon moves at a rate of approximately one degree every 2 hours so that if an aspect involving the Moon is applying and has an orb of 5 degrees, the aspect will perfect be exact in about 10 hours. If the Moon is separating from an aspect with an orb of 2 degrees, it has already formed said aspect approximately 4 hours ago since the following are positions at noon today, then it would have occurred at about 8 AM today.

The energy of the aspect builds as it gets closer to exact. Separating aspects are good to know for context, but in terms of energy that is with us today, applying aspects are most important. This is the case for daily astrology influences involving inner planets, which pass quickly, and not natal astrology aspects, which are with us for a lifetime. Our reactions are more intellectual than emotional, at least on the surface of things, and interactions are more impersonal than personal. Social gatherings, dealing with group ideals and goals for the future, brainstorming, new ideas, and progressive changes are in focus.

We may be short-tempered and impatient, and can express our emotions in a raw, unpolished manner. You are an imaginative and serene individual. You need to express your fantasies and imagination, and may be a dreamer or be ungrounded. We can be furthering our goals and desires without apology.

A time for getting ahead, taking action, and solving problems, and some healthy self-centeredness. Taking the lead. Fantasy plays a strong part in your life, either as a creative channel or as an escape. You may be unclear of your own identity. Try to use your creativity rather than escaping through addictive behaviour. You are highly intuitive with a good imagination. You may have difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy. The moon is in Aquarius today, inspiring you to reflect on your wellness routine—you have all the energy you need to dump a bad habit as the moon clashes with Mars this afternoon.

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Just watch out for scheduling conflicts, Virgo. The moon is in fellow air sign Aquarius today, and you're having plenty of fun, Libra! But intense emotions come up as the moon clashes with Mars—this is a powerful time to grow closer with others, but some bickering may take place, too. The moon in Aquarius clashes with fiery Mars in your opposite sign Taurus, making for a complicated day in your relationships—you know what you want, but can a compromise be reached? The moon in Aquarius illuminates the communication sector of your chart, and dear centaur, you should get it all off your chest now, because a tricky Mercury retrograde is coming up!

The moon clashes with Mars today to give you plenty of energy to get things done. The moon is in your sign today, Aquarius! While you do have a tremendous sense of creativity and imagination, this often fails you because you view things in an overly emotional way. You think that in most cases, everything is about you. You have to remember that if you are feeling stuck or you feel that you are not living your life to its fullest potential, the only person you can really blame is yourself. You keep sabotaging yourself because of your emotional state.

You will be able to soar. Remember, the less you think about yourself and the less self-absorbed you become, the happier you would be. The sooner you realize that fact is the sooner you will be truly happy and in control. The world has its own axis. Everybody has their own lives to live, so get a grip. Move on. Get over whatever past traumas you have, and simply enjoy live on a day to day basis.

While water is, by definition, an emotional element, water is also nurturing. Remember, life requires water. Water has often been linked to compassion, caring, and nurturing qualities. You have all these. You just need to fully surrender yourself to this aspect of your personality, and you would truly be much happier.

Qualities of People born in March

Remember, you have no obligations to please everybody. The only person that you are obligated to please is yourself. Unfortunately, if you feel that you are obligated to act a certain way or oblige people, you only end up painting yourself into a tight emotional corner. This would eventually work to your disadvantage.