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Skip to content. Thanks to you and Godspeed Tem! He references Richard Tarnas and I especially like this quote : A tendency in culture for events and figures that played roles in Jupiter-Uranus alignments to possess a mythologized, legendary aura … evoked to the point where they became iconic. Like this: Like Loading Frank Like Liked by 1 person. July 16, at pm Reply. July 17, at am Reply. July 18, at pm.

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Name required. Ailish Sinclair Stories and photos from Scotland. Stargazing Futures A perspective on life that looks for new ideas on how to live in harmony with nature and each other. Sacred Journey Where muses and words join to create magic.

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Fantastic Animals. Post to Cancel. Dear Mary, thank you so much for sending this blog, very inspiring! January 3, at pm. Dear Vera, So good to hear where you are.. Much love to you, Mary. Carl Karas says:.

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Thank you and Happy New Year. Hi Carl, Yes, lovely, a new song indeed..

Warmly, Mary. Susan Stedman says:. Dhyana says:. Thanks Mary, And a bright full new year to you!.

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January 7, at pm. Nice Dhyana…Sun and pars, is that Part of Fortune? Some things do improve with the passage of time.. RCarina says:.

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Hi RCarina.. Thanks for commenting…who owns the water, yes, may peaceful solutions prevail.. Happy New Year to you.. Mira Dodd says:. January 4, at am. Love to you and yours.. Mary says:. January 4, at pm. Yes, bees are magical and they keep showing up these days in my life.. Thank you for your warm comments.. Happy New Year.. Rita Navroth says:. January 7, at am. Dear Rita, Your words are so sweet…. Lovingly, onwards into January 14, at pm. May your be soulful and joyful, love, Peggy. January 20, at pm. January 21, at pm. Hello Jozien, Thank you very much. Blue Moon, I suppose. It turns Red sometimes.

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But, nay, Black Moon. The Black Moon does not exist as a luminary in the sky. It is a calculated point It thus relates to non-physical dimensions. Yes, he had a wife before Eve, according to Hebraic tradition. Astrological Lilith - the Black Moon suggests the night side, shadows, darkness, things generally hidden from awareness. When the Black Moon has its days, watch out. The Black Moon gives a symbolic sense of what things might be leaking in from the other side - or another side - the dark side … the astral and imaginative worlds.

When it hits its stride and is doing its thing, we can expect otherworldly, oddball, and mysterious sorts of activity - not necessarily dangerous, but possibly so.