Numerology for date of birth 6 january

So in a way people do tend to underestimate your tremendous energy focused towards discovering those aspects and your intelligence. You do come across as an absolute philosopher in your manner of thinking, but you also are ambitious and very goal oriented.

January 6, 1923

You do chase after your own dreams, might take you some time, as you tend to get distracted with tending to other people, but you do set to achieve your goal and get what you want. You are definitely willing to work hard, and are dedicated to yourself, there is more of a matter of getting over your shyness, introspection and gentleness, when it comes to defending your stance and ideas, but even through all that, there is still the trust in your intuition that pulls you through, as you do believe everything that happens to you has a meaning.

You do have that hard to accept you side to you. As you do believe in spiritual side of events so deeply, and tend to reject alternative viewpoints so profoundly, that you do come across as unreasonable at times, even more so, as the way you wish everyone to be understood, you have the tendency to expect others to think exactly like you and adapt to that way you see things, even though you are aware you are most of your time not in the group of like minded and as philosophically minded people.

There is also a very sensitive and vulnerable side to you.

If you hit the wall of rejection one too many times, it is likely for you to focus your hurt into rebellious irresponsible behaviour, some of you even want to make a point and go as far as rebelling against authority. It is later on in life, as you mature and see the consequences do not really bring the results you kind of expected, that you change gear and focus energy elsewhere.

Finding a way to express your wild side is important to you. You need to find your expressing focus within boundaries, so you most likely find a sport or study to focus your mind stream. Some find a lifestyle work environment that works well with them.

January 6 1979 horoscope and zodiac sign meanings.

As the best thing for expressing emotion for you is through finding discipline. Through out life you find criticism and rejections on every step.

January 6 1953 horoscope and zodiac sign meanings.

And as you find that it will not always be so, and injustice is just simply part of this world, you do have a hard time to accept it. But keep in mind, within the world you can control, the world you build for self, people you choose to surround self with, you can find your cozy little lifestyle that works for you.

January 6 - personality & famous birthdays

It is very important for you to learn to take in a relationship as well as give. As you tend to fall in love more with the concept of love than with the person you are in relationship, and with giving more than taking you tend to loose yourself in the whole process, as you perceive it as powerful emotion and so it ends up having an overwhelming effect on you. So it is vastly important that you have a circle of intelligent friends you value as much, so you divide your time between the relationship and friends, and prevent self from depending on a partner too much.

Keep in mind you tend to get distracted fairly quickly. So putting yourself first is of a vast importance!

Birthdate Numerology – numbers derived from our birth date

As you tend to neglect self to much. Healthy diet, fresh air and plenty of sleep will keep you balanced, well as much as it can. As you and your care for yourself is the number one factor in feeling on top of your health. They are great hosts, welcoming and hospitable. For them, harmony in relationships is important, and they seek it.

In a different state for them there is no concept of happiness. Very fond of flattery.

How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Path

The disadvantages of people born on the 6th are jealousy, stubbornness. People born on the 6th are under the influence of Venus, which means the predominance of love and everything related to love and the opposite sex. Such people have a magnetic personality and a huge sex appeal. They may be physically imperfect, but they may have a memorable appearance and have a phenomenal charm. By their manners and circus they attract people of the opposite sex, as the flame attracts moths.

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These people are romantics and idealists and almost become slaves of those they love. They are very sensitive to the atmosphere and surround themselves with beautiful things if they have the means. Rather, rich can become patrons of art. A woman born on the 6th is proud of her home and loves to entertain guests. She loves to decorate her house, sparing no effort to make it even more beautiful, and loves to invite guests. Your personality type is the dream of one great president. You are not asking what the world can do for you.

You are interested in what you yourself can offer him. That is what your choice of profession is focused on. To patronize someone, maintain and take care — your needs is almost at the physiological level. On the other hand, an adequate assessment of your activities by others is essential for you.