March 17 equinox astrology

The Sun moves into Aries, heralding the Spring Equinox, and marking a new year zodiacally. There are six planets at 23 degrees, amplifying this degree. If you have any planets between 20 and 26 degrees, you will be influenced by these planets at 23 degrees: Eris, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Vesta. We are primed for new growth. The Sun is conjunct Chiron, setting the stage for healing and holistic thinking. Mars trines Pluto, firing up our courage and resolve to charge ahead. Mercury sextiles Saturn, fostering sound, responsible writing and communication.

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The Moon makes six aspects with other planets, mostly positive. There is a great deal of practical energy for manifestation.

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Although the Moon is void of course nearly all day, from a. It is not a day for decisions or definitive meetings, but rather it is a great day for tackling issues or projects and getting a lot accomplished. Venus makes a benefic sextile to Jupiter on Thursday , expanding possibilities and possibly bringing monetary increase.

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Numerous aspects that are positive, challenging, interesting and surprising abound on Friday. The Sun conjuncts Chiron, symbolizing the wholeness of our lives. Take stock of the different aspects of your life and how well they work together to compose the life you want. Work hard, consider possibilities, expect the best and be open to surprise. The Moon is void of course for a long period on Friday from a.

During this time meetings and decisions are not defined; stick to routine tasks. Meet challenges with grace and resolve. Manifest your spring intentions with the help of our new ritual box! Explore how you can use a crystal pendulum, a candle, a journal and more to solidify your goals and dreams during this new beginning! The Moon shines in the sign of Scorpio on Saturday. We need to withdraw and spend some time alone with ourselves. Relax and ponder the meaning of things that deeply matter.

Your REAL zodiac sign. The astronomy behind astrology.

What Else Does This Mean?

In this page, I try to give a scientific explanation to these questions and on the way, let you discover your real zodiac sign. I start by introducing some astronomical concepts which I hope will give you some insight about the geometry and the physics of the rotation of the Earth around the Sun and the apparent movement of the objects on the sky. I like to point out that the main purpose of this page is to show the astronomical facts behind what we call zodiac signs, and I just did it for fun! It is not my intention to discuss in depth the validity of astrology or its predictions, however I give my personal opinion as an astronomer, if you're interested.

Introduction The zodiac and astrology are common concepts among many countries in the Western civilization. Astrology columns help to sell millions of newspapers and magazines; and are a popular topic in television and radio programs. Although only a small percentage actually admit to take horoscopes seriously, the vast majority of the people do not know the astronomical concepts behind their birth sign. Astrology originated in Mesopotamia around years ago. The ancient Babylonians performed methodical observations of the night sky and built great observatories where priests would study the skies, and the celestial bodies that they believed controlled life and events on Earth.

In those times, objects in the sky were believed to be affixed to transparent celestial spheres and their motions were thought to be a result of the motion of these spheres as they revolved around the Earth. Groups of bright stars were observed to form prominent patterns in the night sky called constellations, which have been historically ascribed to mythological figures. The early astronomers recognized that constellations appeared and disappeared with the change of the seasons throughout the course of a year.

In the same way, the Sun, Moon and planets were observed to move in relation to the fixed background of stars, or constellations. The Earth travels in space as it revolves about the Sun in a planar orbit that is approximately circular. If one drew a line from the center of the Earth through the center of the Sun, that line would "draw" a large plane in the heavens as the Earth orbits the Sun. This large plane is called the ecliptic plane, as is shown in Figure 1.

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Figure 1 The ecliptic plane and the ecliptical coordinate system. Figure 2 The equatorial plane, the annual seasons and the equinoxes. Figure 3 The band of the zodiac and the apparent position of the constellations with respect to the Earth-Sun system. Based on their observations of the night sky, ancient astronomers determined that during the daytime, the Sun would appear to "enter" or pass through different constellations throughout the year. Because of their perspective from Earth, they observed that the Sun, the Moon and all the planets visible with the naked eye seemed to pass in the course of a year through a region in the sky occupied by twelve specific constellations.

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  5. Those constellations are the ones that we would intersect if we extend the ecliptic plane out into space. These twelve constellations were called the Zodiac. Many ancient people believed that a person's behavior, emotions, and fate were heavily influenced by the time of that person's birth i.

    The zodiac constellations, as envisioned by ancient astronomers, were ascribed specific patterns that resemble the shapes of animals and human beings. The constellations of the zodiac actually form an imaginary belt in the sky that extends about eight degrees above and below the ecliptic plane as is shown.

    Celebrate the Zodiacal New Year with the Spring Equinox This Week

    As we look at the position of the zodiac constellations at any given time of the year, the Sun is between the Earth and one of these constellations, as Figure 3 shows. When your understanding leads to a clear vision, then see the fundamental fact, or act that must be done to move it all one step forward.

    Go with the flow while opening to deep and vast feeling experiences, since these will lead you to a different of understanding of how to achieve what you are trying to achieve. Because Saturn is in its home sign of Capricorn, it is the final dispositor of all planets transiting Capricorn and Aquarius from now through Because Mars was in a Saturn-ruled sign from March 17 through November 15, , Saturn was a very powerful influence on all Mars-related events of that time, which of course meant Saturn was the backdrop to Jupiter in Scorpio for that entire time.

    During this period of Mars in Taurus, while Venus has been in Aquarius, Saturn has again set the backdrop for all activity related to those two planets. These helped us blend the past and future, the established with the innovative, and make the structure of our lives unique. I explain how these two awaken us to our Higher Powers to take conscious command of our destiny in my book Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend.

    It was written for both astrologers and non-astrologers. Even those with little or no understanding of astrology will benefit from understanding why you had to make certain choices at crucial times that shaped your life in profound ways. Each time you read any section of this book you will find new insights about your power to steer your personal evolution.

    You will understand how to throw off all the attitudes and memories which have held you back from finding and living the life and purpose. Through your journey of self-discovery, you can find ways to live your life on your own terms, and fulfill your purpose for being alive as an Eternal having human experiences! This Full Moon will open us to excellent opportunities to heal body, emotions, and mind through humor which enlightens and launches us into a greater autonomy and a more settled momentum. There are gifts and unique interactions promised, with enough friction to get us moving and enough harmony to ensure that those who transform will be rewarded beyond their wildest dreams.

    There are major rewards promised by this Full Moon, so take a broad view of what would constitute your happiness, and get ready to live that fully in the future. This is a rehearsal with blessings and gifts for those who can move into a new archetypal role. Take a look back at the compassion and detachment you learned in the past as you let go of old ghosts, and take a moment to go within and claim the blessing and Grace that is yours if you want it.

    Our lives have been enriched through allowing inspiring experiences to transform our everyday lives. We began this self-discipline in , and have been proving our willingness to act on our truths between early and early Now what was bound can expand into wider and higher vistas, truths, and potentials. When new adventures beckon, embrace them with warmth, since you might find Spiritual Brothers and Sisters from past lives along the way! As I reminded you earlier, we are still within the effects of Eclipses from the past.

    These are shutting down major things wherever they fell. Jupiter has now finished a year of expanding our opportunities based in the voids created by the Eclipses in Scorpio, and is now expanding opportunities left by the voids of past Eclipses in Gemini and Sag. The past two years have led us all to blend the old with the new, the traditional with the innovative, throwing us into an adventure in higher awareness where we can demonstrate confidence and heart strength.

    We now are living a new identity, a new love, a new spiritual awareness, and a new spiritual expression in grounded ways, so keep your mind and heart open and keep coordinating your body, feelings, and mind to demonstrate a stable and harmonized Soul energy.