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Delete tired old approaches that really won't fit the circumstances anymore and step boldly into your new future! Nineteen years ago, on June 30, or July 1, depending on your time zone we had a similar eclipse at 9 degrees Cancer. Although the aspects were tough, we didn't have a severe cardinal cross. We had five planets in opposition to each other in cardinal signs, which was a handful in its own right, and the solar eclipse was the same degree, but it was somewhat easier than this eclipse. See if you can remember anything that happened that summer, June-July It does for me, big time.

No circumstance in astrology is ever repeated in exact carbon copy, but you may be able to think of themes that came up then that might arise again now. Last month I wrote a lot about the July 1 eclipse, so you may want to re-read your June forecast for more thoughts that I had for you. If you don't see news delivered this month, within days of July 1, you may near August 1, as often an eclipse will take one month plus or minus four days to deliver the news. You may have had some important news around June 1 too, as often an eclipse brings news one month earlier, plus or minus four days.

Also watch August when Mars reaches 9 degrees, the same degree as this eclipse. Add plus or minus three days.

Technically, an eclipse can deliver news any time within a six-month period but mid-August will be a very vital time to look for either new messages or additional information from the July 1 eclipse. Early July and mid-August would not be the best time for distant travel, so plan to stay home, as too much will be going on to try to control it from afar.

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In case you did not see much happening at the eclipse last month on June 1 or June 15, you may want to pay attention this month to what occurs on July 6 for the June 1 eclipse and July 26 for the June 15 eclipse to deliver new or additional news. Again, add a plus or minus of four days. Now let's look at other events of this month. The full moon, July 15, should be the easier and calmer moment of the month, as compared with the solar eclipse July 1. Whatever came up in the first week of July will now seem easier to cope with and control.

It appears by July 15, plus or minus four days, you may be well on your way to developing a plan, and a relationship will be at the center of your thinking. This full moon will focus you on making a serious commitment or partnership. You may get engaged or married, and if so, it's a great time to do so. This full moon falls at 22 degrees Capricorn, the sign that falls 6 months from yours, therefore emphasizing partners in a relationship rather than you. Alternatively, you may set up a business alliance - either marriage or business ties involve signing papers.

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This suggests the weekend of July could turn out to be a big one for you! If your birthday falls on July 15, or within five days of this date, this full moon will be quite a powerful one for you, and you will feel it more than the eclipse July 1. Next month Mercury will be retrograde from August , so you are best to make your biggest initiations now, or else wait until Mercury, planet of communication, contractual agreements, and commerce, is back in good order in September.

When Mercury is retrograde, it's best to follow routine activities, or go back to things you had put aside to do later, like now! I would not want you to get engaged or married, sign a contract, take a new position, or enter into any other big commitments while Mercury is retrograde in August. Do not shop for big items like a computer or a car, and don't close on a house.

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Get things done in July, or wait until September for best results. If you are going to college, try to sign up for classes before all the spots are taken, in July if possible. What if you are due to marry in August and all the invitations are sent out already? I have a friend whose husband would not let her move the wedding date to a time when Mercury was not retrograde.

My friend knew Mercury retrograde was traditionally a terrible time to marry. However, she did get him to agree to have a simple wedding ceremony by a justice of the peace at New York's City Hall prior to the real church wedding. Two friends acted as witnesses, and they promised complete secrecy. No one, to this day, knows the couple was married one month prior to their lavish ceremony in Tuscany, and well in advance of the turn of Mercury retrograde.

To this day, they celebrate their "real" wedding - the day their friends and family attended in Tuscany - which is not really the real day at all. No matter! All's well that ends well! Mars will spend a lot of time in your twelfth house this month, considered a house where much planning takes place, often in confidence. This means you might not be able to talk about a project, plan, or relationship yet, but will soon.

Once Mars reaches Cancer on August 3, you will be ready to tell others what you've been doing. The period of August 3 to September 18 will be very powerful, as Mars will be in Cancer.

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Still, as much as you'd like to rush out of the gate and be very assertive in August, you'll have to be patient, as the world won't be ready for you or your ideas at that time. That means you can work. It also means the period from September 1 to 18 will be extra strong and vital for you, dear Cancer. Be ready! July closes on a wonderful new moon in Leo, July This one surprised me with its graceful beauty and sweet cooperation among some key planets when I first studied it last year, while I was writing "The Year Ahead The July 30 new moon falls in Leo 7 degrees, and lights your second house of earned income.

Jupiter, Pluto, and Mercury will be all in rare harmony, suggesting this will be the very best time to ask for a raise, or to seek new clients, if self-employed. You may also negotiate a new salary for a new position, but do so any time AFTER this new moon appears.

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This new moon will be dedicated to helping you see more money come into your bank account. Romantically, this month could go either way. If the eclipse affects your closest relationship in a negative way, obviously you'll say it is not a good time for romance. However, if you get engaged or married, it will be a wonderful time. A lot depends on how your relationship has been going all along, and how honest your partner has been with you during your relationship.

It's common for eclipse time to be a time of extremes. It is like the universe takes a moment to give you a vivid snapshot of your life, pushing events to either end of the spectrum, exciting or dreadful, so you can see it clearly. If you are single and not dating, you might not feel any difficult challenges at all, although it is possible you could meet someone new.

Venus will enter Cancer on July 4 until July 28, making your charms much more visible. You may decide to update your looks now by getting a haircut, new makeup for women, new fragrance - even new clothes, eyeglasses, sunglasses, and other things related to your style, look, and identity.

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You could not wish for a better time to do so with Venus at your side, so if you want to freshen up your look, head to the salon, the department store, or the eyewear store and have fun doing so. Your best day for love will be Thursday, July 7, when Jupiter and Pluto will be beautifully oriented - Pluto rules your fifth house of true love, so this is due to be a banner day!

Be out and about! July will be terrific for romance too, when Venus in Cancer sends a signal to Jupiter in compatible Taurus, sure to be a very special weekend for your love life. Your most romantic evenings: July 4, 9, 10, 15 wild card, full moon , , and If you should break up with a partner this month and I am not saying you will but IF you do , be comforted in knowing that the road ahead will be much more stable.

The job of an eclipse is to give you information you need to protect yourself. If you have always had a strong relationship, you will feel no waves this month. There will be no more eclipses due in the Cancer-Capricorn family of signs until mid, dear Cancer. You have had eclipses focused on your sign since July and as of July 1, you will be done.