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Mercury is neither the planet of love nor the herald of romance. Why should we expect this event to have powerful ramifications that cause many relationships to change for ever for the better? Because, while Mercury may not govern attraction, seduction, glamour or charm, it has a traditional association with something that matters far more to every lover — or would-be lover. It is the planet of communication!

Scroll down for video. Jonathan Cainer says a rare alignment of Mercury and the sun will influence all our love lives this year. As all who have ever tried to form a close rapport with another individual will testify, nothing is more important than the quest for mutual understanding. Mercury facilitates exchange! It governs information and education. It rules trade and transaction, too. What else is at the essence of any important emotional relationship if not a process of give and take based on subtle, constant emotional negotiation? On May 9, , this elusive planet will reveal itself in broad daylight by aligning so directly with the Sun that it appears, for several hours, to look like a tiny blemish, protruding from the face of the brightest light in the sky.

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We will feel it in our bones, in our waters. We will respond to the amazing cosmic challenge being set by a sky overbrimming with symbolism. March 21 — April Why look to the heavens for an insight into your love life? Do you really feel such an important matter is entirely out of your own control?


It is surprising how many of us take a passive view of romance. We dwell on what others will do or wonder how they will act and suspect that our ability to influence this is limited. The rare Transit of Mercury in will help you see how you do have control over how the people you love relate to you and how, in turn, you can better relate to them. This year allows you to take control of what you give out.

This will, in turn, affect what you get back. As you rise above potential conflict and send out a strong positive signal about peaceful co-existence, you will attract a constructive response. You will come across as the kind of person that others want to be around. That will make a big difference to your emotional and personal life.

For a 20 per cent discount on a full set of personal predictions for all of , based on your exact date of birth, visit cainer. April 21 — May Our closest involvements often leave us lost for words.

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Even if we are clear about what we feel, we are nervous about sharing this, lest it provokes a difficult reaction. Yet, through such self-censorship, points get missed, subjects get changed and important details get glossed over. We allude to matters indirectly when we ought to confront them boldly.

Now, not every event that occurs in your life this year, can be linked to the moment when Mercury passes across the face of the Sun in your zodiac sign, in May. But this unusual phenomenon symbolises a change which will affect you all year. It brings an ability to express what previously, you have been unable to articulate.

Wherever there is a need to understand someone better, there is an opportunity for a constructive, informative exchange to occur. It may not all happen in an instant, but the goal you hope to reach is more attainable than ever in your life so far. May 22 — June Some people convey confidence bordering on arrogance. Their demeanour may appeal to people who like superficial swagger but detracts from the possibility of a deeper connection with someone more subtle. Do you swing too far to the other extreme when you worry whether anyone would be interested in you?

You may well have justified confidence in your mental abilities yet at an emotional level, self-doubt can mean that some of your relationships tend to be overly cerebral.

The sky this year makes it easier to share your deepest emotions and become more approachable. The Transit of Mercury, ruler of your sign, across the face of the Sun in May is a symbolic moment with implications which travel backwards and forwards like ripples on the surface of the pond of time. They reach you now at the start of the year and continue to touch your life long into and beyond.

They indicate a new ability to foster improvements in key relationships.

Despite all you may recently have been through or may be anxious about, your outlook is surprisingly good. June 23 — July Somehow, we bring out both the best and the worst in each other. Yet if we are not careful, we end up only remembering the worst. The best ends up locked away in an emotional vault to which key-holders are mesmerised into a form of forgetfulness that borders on denial!

From this distant dream, only wistful memories emerge like wisps of smoke from a dream cottage chimney atop a hazy horizon. But by valuing that which is good, and making it the foundation of a tower of meaningful interaction, you will change your emotional life dramatically for the better. July 24 — August Remember the Aretha Franklin song, Respect? I am not suggesting it is time to show more respect for others nor that they should show more for you but we must acknowledge how, where there is respect, progress can occur and where respect is missing, there can only be conflict.

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Wherever there is friction between individuals, the tendency is for each to blame the other. It may be, indeed, that the only way to change something which appears unchangeable is to do something unthinkable. This year you need a willingness to think in unconventional ways. The rare Transit of Mercury puts you in a position, all year, from which you can create great change.

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In you move on from a syndrome which has been unsatisfactory into a realm of mutually helpful interaction that equally benefits your family, love and social life. August 24 — September Though the Transit of Mercury only occurs on one day, its influence radiates through time and affects you all year.

Is romance written in your stars for 2016? Writes JONATHAN CAINER

It suggests you will develop a more profound understanding of life in general and some close emotional involvements in particular. You will find, as you begin to blossom in your heart, that all processes of personal change work in favour of tangible improvements in your love, emotional and social life. You will become more attractive, more able to exude charisma, more able to pursue peace and more able to draw, into your life, the people you most need!

September 24 — October Sometimes, when we contemplate the emotional exchanges we have with our loved ones, we forget how we emulate one another, mirroring moods and reflecting attitudes. Emotionally, it is as if we have a blind spot. We know there must be some kind of connection between our behaviour and the behaviour of others.

Oblivious to our own power, we end up blaming others for things that we are entirely able to fix. The answer in every case involves refusing to focus on blame. All you need to know is that slowly but surely this year, you can make something good happen by being willing to go beyond what appears to be an insurmountable obstacle. October 24 — November The rare Transit of Mercury in your opposite sign suggests the main thing you will remember in is a change in the nature of a relationship. The relationship in question, though, may not be current.

It may have happened long ago. Maybe sparks flew, dramas erupted and consequences ensued. Your consciousness is still expanding from lessons you learned long ago. Your reactions have shaped your attitude towards relationships ever since. This potentially healing year is when you gain an understanding of someone else. Looking for free Libra horoscopes and yearly Libra astrology? You've just found the best Libra yearly horoscope forecasts and Libra astrology predictions for !